How Solar Works

Although solar is becoming more and more in demand some homeowners still do not understand how exactly solar energy works. This page has been designed to show you how solar energy works and how your investment can save valuable dollars for years to come.

How Solar Panels Work

  1. Each day, light hits your roof’s solar panels with photons or particles of sunlight. The panel converts those photons into electrons of direct current electricity. Obviously, the sunnier day, the more energy is produced by the panels.
  2. The electrons that have been produced then flow out of the panel and into an inverter.
  3. The inverter then converts the “DC” power into “AC” power which is the kind of power used in household devices such as your television, computer, and toasters use when plugged into the wall outlet.
  4. A bi-directional meter then calculates the power your solar system produces and any energy that is not used is immediately returned to the grid through the meter. Then at night or even cloudy days, that extra energy is credited back to your utility bill.

The concept of creating power from the sun is not a new idea. However, scientists are learning more and more every day how to harness energy from the sun more efficiently and economically. Solar energy is a tremendous renewable energy source that is clean and abundant, and will make up a tremendous portion of all our energy production in the future.

So you may still be asking yourself, "What are the real benefits of "going solar?" Below we have included additional reasons why solar is the solution for all your energy needs for today and tomorrow.

Solar energy allows you to save valuable dollars on utility expenses, providing "Free" Energy.

PV solar systems do not produce any pollution while generating power.

On a cost per kilowatt-hour basis, new installations of solar power have become more cost effective than natural gas.

Unused energy can be stored for later use.

Solar panels increase the property value of your home.

Solar energy is Earth’s greatest energy source. By harnessing the power of the sun you can save money on utility bills and still have electricity to keep your home or business running. The future of solar energy will rely on how solar energy is harnessed and stored. Future advances in solar power will most likely also feature efficiency improvements, substantial cost reductions, and major developments in energy storage systems. Storage solutions that present clean, simple and affordable options to both manufacturers and consumers will likely be the norm in viable solar power systems of the future. Don't wait, start today, call DA Roofing at 916-715-1032 to schedule your consultation.

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